Olympian Generators

We are proud to supply robust, state of the art, European-built Olympian generators, with after-sales local support and service, to ensure long-term peak performance.

Olympian Generator Sets

For reliable prime power or standby service, Olympian generators deliver dependable, clean and economical power even in the harshest of conditions. Olympian generators are designed, engineered and manufactured for optimal performance at an ISO 9001 Caterpillar facility.

Olympian generator sets are available in 50 Hz ratings for both:

  • Prime and Standby applications
  • 3-Phase and Single Phase output models
  • Open gensets or sound attenuated enclosures

Standard Features:

  • Industrial water cooled diesel engine, 1500rpm
  • Mechanical governor
  • Self excited brushless generator
  • Power Wizard 1.0 control panel as standard
  • Heavy duty steel base frame with integral fuel tank
  • Heavy duty industrial capacity exhaust silencer
  • 50?? C ambient temperature cooling system (Open Sets)
  • 3 pole circuit breaker
  • +-0.5% voltage regulation
  • Operation & maintenance manual
  • Air, oil and fuel filters
  • All equipment carries full manufacturers warranty
  • Battery rack and cables

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