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Generators for Sale

: Locally Manufactured & Imported

Specialists in Custom-Built Generator Solutions

We offer a ‘single supplier solution’ that caters for all your needs – including concept, design, manufacture and supply. Choose from a wide range of new, used and our custom-built generators, which can be engineered to your unique specifications if required.


From loose supply to fully installed generating systems – a proven track record.

One of our biggest strengths is ‘out of the square’ generator projects – custom solutions that suit your unique requirements and budget. From single, loose supply generators for industrial and agriculture use, through to turnkey power stations for large-scale remote mining projects; we make sure you get the right solution for your project. In Australia we proudly manufacture Genforce generators creating local employment and stimulating economic growth.


Generators - a diverse range of new, used and rentals.

Our wide range of generators are available in diesel, gas, or renewable energy, all of which are available for standby, prime and base load power applications. Our generators range from 6 kVa to 2,600 kVa power. Any number of these units can be configured to meet your demands. Generators are available as open sets, or fully enclosed in mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium canopies, with noise levels as low as 55db(A)@1M.

Choose from our wide variety of new, or fully serviced and load-tested used generators. Or need a generator just for a few months? We also hire generators  for medium to long-term projects.


Easy Installation and Transport

Our custom containerised generator units can be fully certified for international shipping, and can be easily deployed both locally and internationally using conventional transport methods. Our generators are built within the constraints of a standard 20’ or 40’ container, and can house up to 2,000 kVa prime power units. Smaller canopy generators are also available trailer mounted.


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