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Gas Generator Servicing

Gas generator servicing is a lot more specialised than servicing diesel generators. Fortunately, we have the expertise necessary to keep your gas generator. We also have the necessary gas generator parts in Australia to maintain your generator.

Diesel Generator Servicing

As a true ‘one-stop-shop’ with a wide scope of capabilities, we can offer you ongoing generator servicing. Let our team of seasoned professionals help you with your diesel generator service now and in the future. In addition to diesel servicing, we also offer a range of diesel parts and services to help maintain your diesel generator over time.


Gas & Diesel Generator Spare Parts

At Power Systems Australia, we have the expertise to be able to service your diesel and gas generators. Whether you need a diesel generator service or you want to enquire about generator parts in Australia, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Ongoing Maintenance and Parts

All of our diesel and gas generators are backed by global warranties as offered by each manufacturer. Our ongoing service and maintenance contracts are great value and help you protect your asset and maintain its resale value.

Stock for AKSA

For more information on our diesel parts & service offerings, or to enquire about gas generator servicing, call our experts today on 1300 453 054.

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