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Diesel Fuel

Power Systems Australia offers a range of power systems for diesel fuel industries to assist with fuel transfer and other activities crucial to daily operation. Among our range of diesel, gas and renewable energy generators, you’re sure to find the power systems you need to keep things running efficiently.


We stock a wide range of new and used generators to suit the needs of food related industries, including food manufacturing and distribution. Choose from generators from leading brands such as Cummins, ASKA and John Deere, with available fuel options including diesel, gas and renewable energy.

Warehousing & Distribution

When it comes to generators for warehousing and distribution, you can count on Power Systems Australia to provide the best solutions. If you can’t happen to find what you need, we can also provide custom solutions that are tailored to your exact requirements. Discuss your warehousing power system needs with our team today.


In demanding hospitality environments, it’s important to have back-up power available so you can keep things running smoothly at all times. Power Systems Australia offers a number of quality generators that can be used by hospitality businesses ranging from hotels and restaurants through to hospitals and aged care facilities.


At Power Systems Australia, we understand that the automobile industry needs reliable, high-performance power systems to minimise disruptions to operations and prevent costly downtime. That’s why we offer a range of generator options from trusted brands sourced from Australia and across the world. Discover our options for new and used generators for the automobile industry today.

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