Genforce Custom Generators

Genforce Custom Generators

Often overseas-built generators can struggle in the Australian heat because they were originally designed for the cooler conditions of the northern hemisphere. With this in mind, we have developed our own brand of generators, Genforce, which are ruggedly built for Australia’s harshest conditions.

Our generators are different to many of the mass-produced imports that dominate the Australian market. They are designed to achieve 50??c ambient rating inside a soundproof acoustic enclosure. This robust resistance to heat means that they can easily handle the hot Australian weather temperatures.

Customised Prime or Standby Power

Our diesel generators start from 90 kVA and go to 700 kVA standby power, and utilise engines manufactured by Volvo, with alternators by MeccAlte and Leroy Somer. They come with a 12-hour bunded fuel tank, eliminating any further bunding requirements and protecting you from diesel spillage and potential fines while minimising any impact on the environmental.

Our diesel generators are ideal for remote or urban use; they are noise-friendly with a 7db lower noise level than the current industry standard. Acoustic enclosures are 68db (A)@7M (free field) as standard, though other noise levels can be designed and quoted if required.

Our diesel generators are custom-built so you can have them in any colour you like; Power Systems Australia can even powder coat the canopy in your corporate colours or you can choose a colour that blends into the background.

Other design features:

  • Some generators have exhaust emissions meet EU stage 2. Lower emission levels can be achieved with the addition of catalytic filters and/or particulate filters.
  • The standard controller fitted is the DSE 5220 automatic mains failure. For generator-to-generator, and/or grid paralleling options, Genforce generators are available with the ComAp range of controllers.
  • Dual-fuel for natural, LP and coal seam gasses are also available with our own dual fuel kit with up to 70% substitution levels.
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