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Gas Generators in Australia

Searching for the best gas generators for sale, or interested in a gas electric generator? Power Systems Australia has a proven track record with gas generators in Australia. Our generators have many varied applications, which is why we sell and install brand name generators for natural gas applications as well as some syngas projects. We also manufacture our own range of gas generators for specialty applications, such as coal seam methane for well head drives, gasification, digester and land fill applications.

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Our coal seam gas well generator technology is well proven. We convert heavy duty diesel engines into spark ignited, which has many advantages over the typical automotive style engines such as heavy duty crank shafts, pistons, con rods and cylinder heads. Our gas powered generators in Australia have been used for over three years now, running 24/7 at base load application − and they’re still in excellent condition, showing signs of achieving the 50,000 hours that they were designed to achieve.

Gas generators are becoming more widely used for natural gas applications, especially with green star buildings utilising both co generation and Tri generation. The renewable sector is also using syngas generators in many applications. At Power Systems Australia, we’re committed to the gas generator industry and have the in-house expertise to manufacture and install gas powered generators to suit most applications. Whether you’re after a Gasifier generator or another brand of natural gas generator in Australia, you can rely on us to supply the best solutions.

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If you’re looking for gas generators for sale, feel free to contact Power Systems Australia at any time to discuss how we can help you with a cost-effective and well-engineered system. We can provide you with a gas generator in Australia that’s economical and environmentally friendly, helping to minimise your dependency on mineral oil and reduce your carbon footprint.

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